Our Backstory


We didn’t embark on this journey because we loved coding; it’s what we hated about coding, prompted us to change the way we learn, code, and transfer knowledge to the next coder.

We challenged the the status quo methods of teaching programming- via lectures.

We challenged the mundane methods of hiring programmers -via try and buy.

We tackled the adaptation challenge for any new technology – by restoring strong foundation in core concepts and clean coding practices before a rapid update.

    The results: Countless hours and money saved by stopping the following behaviors:
    • Learn the wrong skills or learn short.
    • Wasteful interviews.
    • Hysteria to implement the “next best thing” in UI technology.
    Let us help you curve out the right path in your UI coding experience and career.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Finding the right candidate for a software project is a long and tedious task. The market is flooded with folks who misrepresent their skills in the resume. They do this just to get a shot at a client interview. Of course, only few survive and make it to the end. distThe best candidates are always scarce and already taken by giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and other startup companies.

There is a fairly large pool of candidates, who have better-than-average skills but lack experience, communication skills and more importantly the necessary guidance to succeed in the industry. This pool may not make it to through the Google Interview but can certainly be fit for consulting projects. We will call this pool of candidates as trainables. The figure below shows the high-level distribution of such candidates.

With a little bit of guidance these highly potential trainables can succeed in most software projects. Several Bootcamps and Schools have popped up in the past few years to cater to them. They provide a year-long training but are not producing candidates who can be immediately placed at client projects. We think they fail for the following reasons:

  • Inadequate coverage of Computer Science concepts
  • Practical Frontend training is lacking
  • Core concepts in JavaScript, CSS, and UI are not taught properly
  • The standard tools and practices are never taught
  • Most instructors at these schools don’t have real-world industry experience
  • The projects they take up don’t reflect the complexity you find in client projects

Our apprenticeship/bridging program can address the gaps by:

  • Designing a highly focused curriculum that prepares the candidate for the rigor seen on client projects.
  • Doing projects with real-world tools and technologies
  • Building their portfolio with best practices and advanced coding techniques
  • Hiring and also grooming instructors who have real-world experience.
  • Having a filtering process to only pick the candidates with high degree of success
  • Monitoring trends in client projects and being ready for their needs

Instead of becoming a freelancer and juggle between looking for projects and learning new skills, with us, you have an option to focus on learning new technologies while we focus on developing and marketing your skills.