We offer

  • Customized Master courses and mentoring to advance your skills in JS and UI Engineering.

  • Full-time employment with all the benefits at our partner company.

  • Projects within financial and hi-tech industry upon clearing client interviews after training.

  • On-the-job technical support from our technical leads.

  • We are very selective in our screening process. You must pass a JS refactoring test and establish baseline qualification.

    Typical course structure

    We customize each course to meet your personal gaps and goals.

    Below is a high-level view of a recent pre-hire practical training delivered to a group of Bootcamp graduates-

    You would be developing 16 "experiments" in 4 weeks on new technologies such as angular 2.0, react.js, riot.js, electron, node.js etc.

    How much it costs ?

    We won't charge you for what you can find easily online. Therefore, we have curated the best free self-learning resources to help you build fundamental concepts in JS and UI Engineering.

    We only charge to help master advanced and complex topics on a pay-per-topic based fee structure which is both affordable and produces a higher ROI for you on-the-job

    Week 1

    • A speed tour of the JavaScript language. You might be surprised with what you don’t know!
    • A crash course in AngularJS
    • Some boss fights (aka exercises).
    • Start building your project.

    Week 2

    • Adding features to your project.
    • More exercises.
    • Thinking in UI. Years of hard-earned knowledge condensed into a nutshell.

    Week 3

    • More features. This project is going to become big.
    • CSS FlexBox.
    • Time for D3.

    Week 4

    • Our first code-clinic.
    • Unit testing as it should be.
    • Exercises: these don’t stop, do they ?
    • ES6, TypeScript, Angular 2, React -- touch the future.